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Offering surgery in Victoria and periodically in Vancouver
“I'm so grateful to have found a doctor who I can completely trust to keep me looking and feeling my best.”

Dr. Patrick Yang, MD

Oculoplastic Surgeon &

“I would recommend Dr. Yang to anyone considering Asian double eyelid surgery. Thank you Dr. Yang!”

Cosmetic Services

Dr. Yang offers a complete selection of restorative and cosmetic surgery services to keep you looking young and healthy.

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In addition to providing cosmetic options, Dr. Yang provides medical care as part of the British Columbia Medical Services program.


As part of his commitment to world health, Dr. Yang has engaged in volunteer activities from rural Canada to Mongolia.

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“I am getting a lot of compliments and questions on how I look younger and more energized.”
-Lee L.
  • "Dr. P Yang is fabulous and he is a wonderful person. Anyone who meets him, it is obvious he is extremely talented in what he does. He is truly meant to be in his role. I received the eyelid surgery which was a great experience with minimal discomfort. There was no scarring, and I am happy to see myself in the mirror no longer looking grumpy or feeling weighed down. His precision in his work is definitely something to take note of. The botox is always on point and never too much or too little. It is always perfect. Victoria, BC is lucky to have him!"
    -M.G. (Victoria, BC)
  • "My overall experience with Dr. Yang was top notch. Dr. Yang answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns patiently in a way that I was able to understand. I'm glad I took all his suggestions because the result is natural, exactly what I asked for and more. I am getting a lot of compliments and questions on how I look younger and more energized. Even my daughter said I look well-rested with a vacation glow. Thank you for the wonderful results and assuring experience, Dr. Yang!"
    -L.L. (Vancouver, BC)
  • "Recently I got Asian double eyelids surgery from Dr Yang and I am 200% satisfied with the result. My eyes used to look uneven, have many creases but Dr. Yang fixed all my concerns and now they look not only natural but also more symmetrical and “energetic”. My family and friends are also very impressed with my new look. I would recommend Dr Yang to anyone considering Asian double eyelids surgery. Thank you Dr Yang!"
    -J.K. (Coquitlam, BC)
  • "Dr. Yang performs botox and filler on my face and I have never looked better. He takes time to analyze your features and enhance your beauty in the most natural way. If his extensive qualifications aren't enough to put you at ease, his caring disposition certainly will. Dr. Yang is definitely gifted and Victoria is lucky to have him. I'm so grateful to have found a doctor who I can completely trust to keep me looking and feeling my best."
    -R.L. (Victoria, BC)
  • "Tremendously pleasant & professional staff, etc. Clear and full information on the procedures for surgery. Just couldn't be better."
  • "Dr. Yang has a calm, pleasant and personable demeanor which inspires confidence and lessens anxiety. His positive attitude and attention to detail ensure a good outcome."
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